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Click picture to download SoundsOfSunrise music

SoundsOfSunrise consists of worship leaders from the Southern California area. The group started out of Sunrise Church in Rialto, CA. It now has a member from Water of Life in Fontana CA. The extended SoundsOfSunrise family has associations from other churches in the Southern California area as well. SoundsOfSunrise's 2nd CD titled, was titled “I Believe.”


The “I Believe” project has a target audience of young people from ages 12 through 18.  The goal of the project is to bring into light everyday struggles with drug/alcohol abuse, rebellion, peer pressure, cutting, loneliness, sex abuse and human trafficking. In addition to putting some of the pressures of everyday living on the table, the project is written in hopes to provide healing, understanding and answers through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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