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Sherri Bryant





Dynamic and powerful are only two of the words that describe Sherri Bryant. She could also be described as a rare breed, high energy recording artist who clearly expresses her love and passion for God through her music. In 2003 Sherri released her first album “I Found the One” which highlighted her ability to capture the melodies of heaven in her unique vocal arrangements and expressive lyrics. As a followup to that successful debut, Sherri released her sophomore project “Made II Praise” in 2006. This collection of contemporary praise and worship captures the passion and energy that flow from Sherri during a live performance. Sherri released her 3rd project “True Worship”, which was completed in the fall of 2011. Sherri is currently working on her 4th project titled "You Are Greater". The title track "You Are Greater" was released as a single in December 2016. The full project is scheduled to be released in 2017.


Multi-gifted and multi-talented, Sherri’s call to ministry spans past the walls of the local church. She is the founder and visionary of Effective Life Ministries which carries out the mandate to “Usher in the presence of God, minister healing to the body of Christ to empower them to live an Effective Life for God’s glory”. Now, in full-time ministry, Sherri receives invites to sing at churches, conferences, and various events both nationally and internationally. Her many travels to South Africa, The Congo Africa, Ghana, Swazi Land, Zimbabwe , Malawi, and the UK attest to her global appeal. Sherri’s most memorable journey to The Congo Africa placed her in front of crowds that grew to 140,000 people who joyously sang along to her hit song “I’m Free”! As many creative miracles began to go forth Sherri saw first hand the magnitude of power that can be generated from a collective praise. 


Sherri sings with an intensity that flows from her own testimony and is fueled by her passion for God. Her style, although edgy and contemporary, is still heart provoking. Sherri’s sultry alto voice and magnetic stage presence is filled with personal conviction, that not only entertains but challenges the listener to be all they can be in Christ. She has blessed many because her own life is one that demonstrates what she sings about. Numerous lives across the globe have been changed as a result of the Jesus that lives in this woman of God. Although much has been accomplished, stay tuned. Her story has just begun.

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