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The purpose of this book is to help anyone who is going through a period in life where they felt abandoned by God. The objective of this book is to give insight into seven years of my life's experience and explain it from multiple perspectives, with the guidance of scriptures from the bible. Feeling abandoned by God is a real issue for people, especially when they are dealing with things they have no control over. What can make matters worse is when there is no relief in sight. God knows what we are going through. God also does not leave us alone. We need to see if we call His name and are one of His children; His grace ‘is’ enough. God says, in his word, rely on Him for ‘everything.’ He may not respond in our time, but he will come through in His time for His purpose. Stay the course for God’s plan for your life if you want to reach your full potential. It may not happen in the time frame you want it to happen, but if it is part of God’s plan, it will happen because Christ came to overcome the world, and he did. Take rest in knowing He is in charge. Therefore align yourself with Christ, and He will get you through the darkness and into the light. Relinquishing control of your life to Christ is what transition is all about!

Dr. Charles A Kelly wants everyone to know who reads this book that we all go through painful periods in our lives. Many times through no fault of our own, we must deal with tragedy, illness, death to loved ones, job loss, personal attacks, stress, and many other issues. But Christ wants you to know DO NOT WORRY! There is help on the way! God wants us to rely on Him for everything. Through the Holy Spirit, we are strengthened and guided to reach our full potential in God’s plan for our lives.

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    • ISBN: 978-1-7343918-1-7
    • File Size: 3137 KB
    • Print Length: 160 pages
    • Publisher: Sounds of Sunrise, LLC (December 31, 2019)
    • Publication Date: December 31, 2019
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