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I Believe - CD

I Believe - CD


The "I Believe" project focuses on Human Trafficking awareness. Human Trafficking is a crime of such magnitude that it must be fought globally by each one of us. Please join us in this effort


The “I Believe” project has a target audience of young women ages 12 through 18. The goal of the project is to bring into light everyday struggles with drug/alcohol abuse, rebellion, peer pressure, cutting, loneliness, sex abuse and human trafficking. In addition to putting some of the pressures of everyday living on the table, the project is written in hopes to provide healing, understanding and answers through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As the project began to unfold, we were struck by the ferocity with which human trafficking has spread rampantly throughout the US with very real situations occurring “just down the street.” Looking into, and learning more about this pandemic of torture and abuse to young women and children has launched for us a new goal to aid in the stop of it. After covering the cost of production, the proceeds for “I Believe” will be donated to several organizations targeting the rescue and stop of human trafficking.

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